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The IQOS Gifting service lets you purchase a device (IQOS 3 DUO, Lil SOLID 2.0, or IQOS ILUMA) and flag it as a gift for an adult smoking friend. The service is available online, in IQOS stores, or in affiliated tobacco shops.
The Gifting service also lets the gift recipient easily register the device, thereby enjoying all the IQOS services associated with it.
You can use the service in two different ways: in stores or online.

To use the service in-store, you need to visit one of the IQOS stores or participating tobacco shops and let the IQOS Experts or your local reseller know that you would like to purchase an IQOS device as a gift for an adult smoking friend.

To proceed online, on the other hand, you can use the same procedure as the ordinary: you need to check the "it's a gift" box during checkout, within the shopping cart, before completing the purchase of the device you selected.
Once you have chosen the product to buy and added it to your cart, you will need to check the box "Is this a gift?" on the summary page, and then you can proceed in two ways:
  • by clicking on the "Click Here" link if you wish to enter directly at this stage the details of the adult smoker who will receive the gift, stating that you can share these details, and indicate the date from which you will deliver it;
  • Suppose you do not use the link within 24h hours of your purchase. In that case, you will receive a text message asking you to enter the recipient's data so that an IQOS Expert might contact them as part of the registration on, and by doing so, you will declare that you can share such data as well the delivery gift date via the same form.
As of the date indicated on the form, the adult smoker and gift recipient will be contacted by an IQOS Expert, who will grant them access to all their dedicated IQOS benefits and guide them through device registration.

Otherwise, the recipient can independently contact our customer service at 800 226042
The gift delivery date refers to the day you want to deliver the gift. Through this information, we will know when we can contact the gift recipient.
Suppose IQOS will be a birthday gift for someone born on March 12; by indicating that as the "gift delivery date," we will know that from the next day, we could contact the gift recipient to support them in registering the new device. In the case of an online purchase, please note that the "gift delivery date" will have to be set later than the expected delivery date of the order.
Registering a newly received device on and associating it with your profile will allow your adult smoking friend to benefit from all the services made available by the brand:
  • Product replacement under warranty, even without a receipt
  • International assistance
  • Assistance and diagnostics of any problems you may encounter when using the device 
  • Access to IQOS CLUB and all exclusive services and dedicated benefits
If the person buying the gift is already an IQOS user with an active profile, the device will remain associated with their profile. The person you offered the device to can always contact us to proceed with the new IQOS association to their profile. If you have never before purchased and registered an IQOS device or created a profile on IQOS.COM 30 days after your purchase, we will remove your profile unless you indicate otherwise. You can always contact us to request to remain active in our systems.

The adult smoker who receives the gift will always have the option of contacting us to proceed with pairing the device received as a gift on their profile.
You will find below the steps to follow in order to become opt-out on the web depending on the browser you are using.

Chrome, Opera
In order to opt-out, you will need to go to your browser settings > Advanced > Clear browsing data.
Then access the Browser Settings > Advanced > Content settings > Notifications > Click on the 3-dot-icon of the websites you want to opt-out from > Click Remove

You will need to remove the Web push permission from the "Site Preferences" by going in the browser setting > History > Clear All History > select the time range "Everything" > tick Site Preferences > click on Clear Now.

You will need to proceed with the below steps in order to opt-out on Safari:
Go to your Safari settings and click on the Privacy tab then click on Manage Website Data..., wait for every sites' data to be loaded, select your domain and click on Remove:
You will then go to the Websites tab > Notifications > Select your domain > Click on Remove:

Microsoft Edge
You'll need to go to the browser settings > click on the "privacy, search and services" tab> clear browsing data > click on choose what to clear > select the time range "All Time" > tick "Cookies and other site data" > click on Clear Now.
It will then be necessary to go in the "cookies and site permissions" tab > notifications > Click on the 3-dot-icon of the websites you want to opt-out from > Click Remove.
This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products.