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Philip Morris Group consists of companies directly or indirectly controlled by Philip Morris International Inc. that are active in the manufacture and marketing of tobacco products worldwide. The companies of the Philip Morris Group include Philip Morris International Management SA (hereinafter also only "PMI MSA") which manages this website "/" (hereinafter the "Site") together with Philip Morris Italia S.r.l. (hereinafter also only "Philip Morris").

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The Website is dedicated to products whose marketing is allowed only to adults. Access to the homepage of the Website, which contains information about IQOS™ stores, chat with our Customer Service and video on the use of the IQOS™ is free, provided that are legal age users.

You must be 18 years old or older and registered to the Website to access your personal section of the Website (hereinafter, "Profile") and to shop online.

You must be of legal age to view the catalog of IQOS™ and its accessories.

The registration to the Website is done through the creation of an "IQOS account" (user ID - which is the same as the IQOS account). (user ID - which coincides with the e-mail address - and password) associated with the identification data of the user, after the acceptance of the Conditions.

Any information transmitted by users of the Website will be subject to our Privacy Policy, which rules the collection and use of user data, as well as to the Privacy Policy of Arvato Services S.r.l. in case a purchase order is finalized by entering payment information.

Any information submitted by users of the Website will be subject to our Privacy Policy, which rules the collection and use of user data, as well as to the Privacy Policy of Arvato Services S.r.l. when finalizing a purchase order by entering payment information.

It is forbidden to enter the user ID and personal data of another person with the intention of using their identity. The personal data provided during registration must be correct and complete and must be promptly updated in case of changes. You can access and update your personal information in the Profile section by contacting Customer Service.

The registered user is required to keep userID and password confidential, guarding them with the utmost diligence and preventing their use by third parties, especially minors, to whom access to the Website is completely precluded. It is forbidden to communicate or give user ID and password to third parties.

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Within the Reserved Area of the Website there is the IQOS Club section available to all registered users who have at least one device associated with their profile.

The participation to the IQOS Club initiative is free and the rules are available here.

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The Blog is the place where the IQOS team will publish information, updates, videos, proposals and events related to IQOS products.


Arvato Services Italia S.r.l., an Italian single-member company of the Bertelsmann Group, a Bertelsmann SE & Co KGaA company, with registered office at Via Zanica 19K, 24050 Grassobbio (BG), tax code, VAT number and Bergamo company register number 03147950160 (hereinafter also referred to as "Arvato"), exclusively sells the IQOS™ electronic device and accessories online via the Website, in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Sale. As the operator of the e-commerce site, we facilitate the transactions that take place on the Website, but we are not a party to the contract of sale for the products sold by Arvato, which is a contract exclusively between Arvato and the individual buyer. We therefore have no responsibility for the sales contract and its proper execution. Arvato is solely responsible for handling the online sale of IQOS™ products and any disputes with the buyer.


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For further information you can contact us: (a) by writing to Philip Morris Italia S.r.l., via Po 11-13-15, 00198 - Rome; (b) by calling the Customer Service at the toll free number 800 22 60 42.

This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products.