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An IQOS ILUMA device in a person's hand.
An IQOS ILUMA Holder and Pocket Charger in a box.

Get started with your new IQOS ILUMA PRIME in few easy steps

1. Before you start using it, fully charge your device with a power adapter and charging cable (for about 135 minutes). Press the button on the IQOS ILUMA PRIME pocket charger to check the battery level. If the level is low, then charge it with the included power adapter.

Press and hold the Pocket Charger button for 4 seconds and release it. The lights indicating the status of the Pocket Loader and Holder will slowly turn on. Then check the status of the lights on your IQOS ILUMA PRIME Holder to see how many uses you have. Two lights means it is fully charged (ready for two uses). One light means it is ready for one use. No light means the holder needs to be recharged in the pocket charger.

3. Gently insert a SMARTCORE STICK™ as you see doing in the video. Autostart is activated immediately after the stick is inserted. If Autostart is disabled, you can press the button on the holder to begin the experience. One vibration and slowly pulsing lights mean the SMARTCORE STICK™ is warming up. Two vibrations and lights on mean it is ready for use.

4. When you feel two more vibrations, it means the experience is about to end (about 30 seconds or 2 puffs left). Remove the tobacco stick and remember to use a new one for your next experience. Also remember that one light means you still have one more experience left, so you will need to charge the holder and pocket loader after your next use.

5. When the holder is inside the pocket charger, two lights indicate its charging status. When the lights glow white, it means the holder is charging. One or two static lights on the pocket charger indicate how many uses you have left.

A charging cable being inserted into an IQOS ILUMA Holder.

Charging your IQOS ILUMA PRIME

1. Before you start using IQOS ILUMA PRIME, fully charge the device with the power adapter and charging cable (about 135 minutes). Tap the button on the IQOS ILUMA PRIME pocket charger to check the battery level. If the bottom of the light strip flashes yellow 3 times, it means the battery is low. Charge the Pocket Charger with the original IQOS power adapter. If the battery has been fully discharged, it may take up to 20 minutes before it lights up. When the status bar is fully lit, the device is fully charged and can be used for up to 20 experiences.

2. Check the status lights on the IQOS ILUMA PRIME holder. Two white lights mean the holder is fully charged and ready for two uses. One light means there is only one use left. If the lower light flashes yellow 3 times, it means the holder needs to be recharged.

3. Remove the SMARTCORE STICK™ and insert the Holder into the Pocket Charger. The two white lights on the Pocket Charger indicate that the holder is charging and remain lit when one or two uses are available.

A moss green IQOS ILUMA Holder inside a Pocket Charger.

Advanced features and smart gestures

The IQOS ILUMA PRIME holder starts to preheat automatically after a SMARTCORE STICK™ is inserted. This function is available by default and can be turned off via the IQOS app.

Lift up
Lifting up the holder when not engaged in an experience indicates the number of uses remaining, displaying one or two lights.

An AC adaptor and a charging cable.

battery power

Charging your IQOS ILUMA PRIME every day is the best way you can make sure you never run out of your IQOS ILUMA PRIME. Always use a wall outlet and try to plug it in when you charge your smartphone.

Watch the video

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How to use

IQOS ILUMA PRIME is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. New features, such as automatic ignition and the absence of tobacco residues to be cleaned take the experience to the next level.

Watch the video


Everything you need to get the most from your IQOS.

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IQOS ILUMA PRIME is designed to be used only with SMARTCORE STICKS™.
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Our IQOS ILUMA PRIME User Guide will let you deep dive into how your device works and how to use it.


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This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products.