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A Lil SOLID Ez device.
Un dispositivo IQOS ILUMA PRIME Jade Green su un tavolo

Is your Lil SOLID Ez charging too slowly?

Use the power adaptor and cable USB-C included in the box to power up your Lil SOLID Ez. It will take 2 to get fully charged.

Due dispositivi Lil SOLID Ez

Lil SOLID Ez Status LED Lights Blink in Orange?

- During use:
Indicate that the device has exceeded temperature limits, Lil SOLID Ez will continue to operate until at the end of the current experience, but will not allow you to start a new use. The device will issue a warning flashing in orange for 3 times.

- During the charging:
They indicate that the device is out of the optimal temperature range (0~40°) so the charging will be stopped:
- If after 10 minutes the temperature of the device falls within the recommended range, charging will resume.
- If the temperature of the device is still outside the recommended range after 10 minutes, the LED will blink in orange 3 times, indicating that charging cannot be resumed.

The device will blink again in orange for 3 times when disconnected from the source of feeding.
Lil SOLID Ez in primo piano.

Lil SOLID Ez status LED lights blink in red 5 times?

If the status LED lights blink red 5 times try resetting your Lil SOLID Ez.

Reset by pressing the button for 8 seconds, ignoring the vibration that can occur after 2 seconds. The status LED will blink twice in red, then in orange, light blue and blue sequentially. When the device has completed the reset, the status LEDs light up in light blue for 1 second and the device vibrates twice, all at once.

Le luci dell'holder o del caricatore lampeggiano in rosso o non funzionano

Is the stick not fitting or does it have limited aerosol quality?

If you find that the aerosol has significantly decreased compared to your previous uses, be sure to check that:

1. You are using a tobacco stick specially designed for Lil SOLID Ez and that the stick has been properly inserted into the device without having broken or rotated the stick.

2. Check whether there is residue in the part where the stick is inserted. Remove the residue by removing the cap from the device, put the cap back in place and try to insert the stick again. We recommend that you regularly clean your Lil SOLID Ez every 20 or so uses.

3. Allow the device to preheat for about 25 seconds before use.

4. Some time has elapsed between shots to ensure that the spin which is generates the aerosol.

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This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products.